London Rookie

I can’t believe it finally happened… we are officially Londeners!

Well, maybe not as London as I first thought…

While we may have gone though many expat rites of passages: sleeping on a fold out couch for weeks, looking at so many shoe-box flats that I actually considered buying a boat and living on the canal, being horribly unemployed (ok I’m still going through this one), struggling to find a job that doesn’t pay peanuts (actually, peanuts are pretty expensive, that would be an upgrade), and being hit on the back with a shot glass (maybe that’s not that normal, but it happened), I am still feeling like a total London rookie.

I’m hoping that these things will slowly start to feel less weird, but for now I’ve compiled a list of 10 things that are still feeling a little other-worldly:

  • Feeling overcome with joy every time I am asked if I would like to add curry sauce to my hot chips. UHHH, YES! Obviously.
  • Every time someone says ‘you right?’, responding to it as a question, as opposed to the statement that the speaker intended. “Yes I’m fine thank you. Do I not look ok?” is often met with a weird look, and then the person briskly walking away from me. Note to self: just say hello.
  • Ordering a latte and expect a small glass full of deliciousness, only to realise that a latte here is pretty much just a huge mug full of terribly-frothed (sometimes not even frothed) milk, poured over a weird tasting shot of coffee. Yes, I know I am fulfilling every Australian stereotype by being a total coffee snob┬áconnoisseur, but seriously guys, THAT IS NOT A LATTE!
  • Doubling the cost of everything in my head (thank you Australian economy). What do you mean my latte┬ánon-frothed mug of milk costs $6.50??
  • Continuing to be shocked by how cheap a box of tampons is? #yas #feminism.
  • Feeling a roller coaster of emotions when I finally find a copy of my favourite Frankie magazine (yay!) only to remember its 3 times the price here (boo) but then convincing myself that you can’t put a price on undoing homesickness (yay again).
  • Moving to the left to let people pass. It just makes sense, right? In the UK, they drive on the left, overtake on the right, why would this not be a reasonable walking assumption? Whatever, walk into me, I know I’m the logical one in this situation (unless you are a huge dude who could beat me up, then I’ll awkwardly shuffle to the right).
  • People thinking that my accent is exotic. You know I call an avocado an avo, right? That ain’t exotic.
  • Buying a block of Cadbury chocolate, expecting the delicious taste of a glass and a half of milk to overwhelm me with sugary endorphins. But instead, being underwhelmed by some weird tasting cardboard product (I know this is a controversial one, many friends back home rave out the chocolate here. Sorry to tell them that they are wrong).
  • Not realising until now that every street in Adelaide is named after somewhere in London. Is Adelaide just a mini London?? How did I not know this?

But finally, the most real realisation of all: not having your friends available to hang out every day makes for a really lonely existence. But then finding out, after making your first really good friend, that this will change really quickly, and good friends are way more valuable than many friends.

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