Our itty bitty Italian vlog(ilini)

Before we started our Italian-learning adventure, both Ben and I made a pact that we would record 1 little video per day, to document our progress (or “progress” in my case). We were actually pretty good at sticking to it, but decided that a few of them were, frankly, just a tad boring. So I sat down one day and compiled all these bad boys, to make our little Italian vlog*.

Sure, our my Italian was pretty poor both pre and post intensive Italian learning, but it’s a bit of a laugh, and it may even make some people feel way better about how terrible they thought they were at learning a language, before seeing me!

Or you could just watch Ben and be inspired. Either way… Enjoy!

* Disclaimer: hearing my own voice gives me nightmares, so don’t ever expect a video/vlog/whatever ever again.

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